Magnetic Particle Inspection (MT)

It is possible to detect surface and sub-surface defects on ferromagnetic materials very fast thanks to this method. Magnetic field and particles which are sensible to leakage flux occured on discontinuities are applied on test part to perform this inspection. Particles are captured by leakage flux and become apparent. By this way discontinuities such as cracks, holes, porosities, overlaps, non-metallic inclusions can be located.

DQE’s expert staff hold certificates recognized in international market and maximised their on-site experience with our continuing training principle. DQE stays one step ahead about reliability of test by always using advanced equipment conforming to codes and solutions of brands which have global leadership in this sector.

In line with local and international standards, investigating the quality of all size of production and materials including but not limited to pressure vessels, Power Plants, Gas and Liquid Substance Transmission Lines, Steel Construction Structures and Building, Forging and Casting Manufactures etc. are crucial.

Benefits and Features:

  • The best method to determine surface and sub-surface discontinuities of Ferromagnetic materials
  • Fast NDT method
  • Low testing cost
  • Works with thin painting layers as well
  • Low limitation in terms of size and shape of the testing particle
  • Very portable method