Pressure Vessels

Pressure Vessels are classified according to European Union regulations as follows:

Pressure Equipment Directive (PED)- 97/23/EC: Pressure vessels (PS> 0,5 bar), piping, safety accessories and pressure accessories, including, where applicable, elements attached to pressurized parts, such as flanges, nozzles, couplings, supports, lifting lugs

Simple Pressure Vessel Directive (SPVD)- 2009/105/EC: Tanks for compressed air and nitrogen. For example, according to EN 286, air compressors, pneumatic systems, brake systems, etc.

Transportable Pressure Equipment Directive (TPED)- 2010/35/EU: High pressure gas tubes, LPG tubes, cryogenic transport tanks, unidirectional bottles, gas tubes, cylinders (square) bundles, tanks for transporting gases.


We offer our customers CE marking services of equipment manufactured in accordance with many standards such as EN 13445, EN 12953, EN 12516/DIN 3840, PD 5500, EN 13480, EN 12952, ASME VIII.


As TEKNOLAB, we provide the non-destructive inspection service during periodic controls by our expert engineers and technicians, by carrying out annual periodic checks of pressure vessels by taking into consideration the OHS legislation, “Health and Safety Requirements Regulation for the Use of Work Equipment” and your manufacturing standard.