kaynak testi,kaynak testleri,eğme testleri


Bend tests are applied to welded metal strips in order to test the material at the bend location. Bending of the specimen is done around a cylinder of specified radius through a given angle. Once bent, the tested strips look like the letter U. The maximum extension occurs at the outside of the bend, due to considerable plastic yield in tension, while longitudinal compression occurs on the inside.

Bend testing is a much informative qualitative procedure simple to perform. When applied to welded specimens, it evaluates both the ductility and soundness of welds, without instrumented equipment.



TS EN ISO 5173                    Destructive tests on welds in metallic materials – Bend tests

TS EN ISO 5173:2010/A1     Destructive tests on welds in metallic materials – Bend tests

kaynak testi,kaynak testleri,eğme testleri