You can export your products with reports of accredited laboratory.


Quality-control departments of welding producers uses Welding/Welder Performance Qualification Record/Report (WPQR). Destructive tests of welded materials for WPQR have been performed by means of calibrated devices in laboratories of TeknoLab Ltd. Şti., accredited by TÜRKAK. In order to perform the tests in accordance with customer specifications and related standards, experienced technical team of TeknoLab coordinate fast and economically the tests from sample preparation to reporting and share the test results with customers.


Destructive Tests for Welded Materials

Notched Impact Tests:              TS EN ISO 9016, ASTM E23, ASME IX, AWS, API1104

Hardness Tests:                        TS EN ISO 9015, ASTM E384, ASME IX, AWS, API1104

Bending Tests:                          TS EN ISO 5173, ASTM E190, ASME IX, AWS, API1104

Tensile Tests:                            TS EN ISO 4136, ASTM E8, ASME IX, AWS, API1104

Fracture Tests:                          TS EN ISO 9017, ASME IX, AWS, API1104

Macro & Micro Examination:  TS EN ISO 17639, ASME IX, AWS, API1104

WPQ & WPQR :                      TS EN ISO 9606, TS EN ISO 15614, ASME IX, AWS, API1104

In-House Method for Chemical Analysis of Welding Area