Supports a quick check of the corrosion thickness by means of a quick configuration and a clear identification of all measuring points Users in the non-destructive testing of welded seams often have to perform a quick test of components with limited chance of metal loss due to corrosion. A product with a corrosion option is extremely useful in such folds. Olympus offers a complete package, consisting of the test equipment EPOCH 650 with three standard probes, corrosion software, a corrosion probe, two calibration blocks and cables.


Test rate for corrosion monitoring and test heads for weld seam testing

The D790 probe with 5 MHz has a resolution and penetration that is sufficient for most corrosion applications. The AM4R with 45 °, 60 ° or 70 ° is the standard for weld seam testing.

EPOCH 650 maintenance package – test device with test heads for corrosion monitoring Corrosion software