TEKNOLAB Chemical Analysis Laboratory provides chemical analysis services for all kind of materials such as steel, aluminum, copper, nickel, zinc, cobalt, titanium, magnesium alloys.

By means of our spectrometers, the following metal alloys can be analyzed:

Ferro-alloys, steels:      Low alloy steel, Free cutting steel, Cast iron, Cr/Cr-Ni steel, High-speed steel, Mn steel, Ni-resist/Cr-hard

Copper alloys:              Pure Copper Cu-Zn, Cu-Si, Cu-Zn/Ni, Cu-Ni Gun metal, Cu-Sn/Pb, Cu-Al, Cu-Be/Co

Aluminum alloys:         Low alloy, Al-Si, Al-Cu, Al-Mg, Al-Zn, Al-Sn

Nickel alloys:                Low alloy, Ni-Cu, Ni-Cu/Sn, Ni-Cr, Ni-Mo

Zinc alloys:                   Primary Zinc, Re-melt Zinc, Zamac, Zn-Al (6-16%), Zn-Al (20-33%), Zn-Al (30-75%), Zn-Al (23%)/Sb (12%)

Cobalt alloys:                Co-W/Nb, Co-Mo, Co-Ni

Titanium alloys:           Low alloy, Ti-Al/Sn/Zr/Mo, Ti-Al/V/Nb

Magnesium alloys:       Mg-Al, Mg-Zn/Mn, Mg-rare earth